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The name of San Michele di Ganzaria derives from the Saint Patrono and from an Arabic word, Kanzir, than translate in our language it means "breeding of pigs". The economy of San Michele di Ganzaria is based on the breeding of ovines, goatish, bovine and on the production of cereals, grape, olives, fruits and citruses. The landscape of the city is dominated from the Garzaria mountain, home to richest vegetation and wildlife composed of cork-oaks, eucalyptus, walnut-groves, orchids, foxes, weasels and porcupines. In the monumental field is considerable the Church Mother dedicated to the patron Saint Michael.
The 1500's Church of the Holy Rosary, the Church of Saint Giuseppe and the Church of the Calvary. Not to forget a visit to the feudal Castle about the Gravina Princes. In the month of November in Saint Michele di Ganzaria there is the festival of the oil and the wine; to taste the fettuccine with sea-urchin eggs, specialty of the city.

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