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The name of Giarre comes attributed to the mail stations where a time giare were found where the horses could drink. The city comprises various localities, that they are: Altarello, Carruba, Macchia, San Giovanni, San Leonardello e Trepunti. From the architectonic point of view it is the Baroque art to prevail mainly even if there are neoclassici examples like the Church of Saint Teodoro and some nobiliari palaces of the five hundred. Today Giarre is one city to the vanguard that adapted to the changes that encircle it maintaining to the traditions and its culture always intact. From the economic point of view the population has developed in the commerce and agriculture of ortaggi and primizie not forgetting but the present industry in the mechanical field and of the pastificazione. Much bond is also the attracted summery tourism beyond to the beauties of the places also from the famous Aquarius of Giarre. The structure that accommodates the Aquarius divides in three plans; the first two are expose the fourteen bathtubs where they come exposed to species and different habitats of the Mediterranean, while the ultio slowly it represents the marine Mediterranean atmosphere today. It is worth the pain see this place incontaminato with all the beauties that encircle it.

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