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The name of the Santa Maria di Licodia derives from Greek. Licodia means, Wolf's land and from the Benedictine Abbey Saint Maria, today center of the common. The history of the country is very ancient. They are the many archaeological rests finds in the surrounding zones like Pietra Piciaria, Luppino, Poggio dell'aquila, Montalto civita. Further to the Benedictine Abbey there are others monuments of architectonic and artistic interest like the Church Mother of Saint Maria, Cherubino Fountain but without to forget the Tower Arab-normanna and the archaeological rests about a roman aqueduct a used time in order to carry the water until Catania.
Santa Maria di Licodia rises in a hilly zone and is an important agricultural center in particular for the cultivation of grape-must, almonds, olives and citrus fruits that can be savoured during the Festival of the Oranges and the Zagara, manifestation anniversary during the Summer.

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