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"Lying on the sea and outstreching towards infinity", this is the sensation you can have looking at Riposto from one of the small villages at the foot of Mount Etna. An important agricultural center, Riposto boasts a rich production of wine grapes, citrus fruits, and olives. The most outstanding monuments are the classic Chiesa Madre dedicated to San Pietro, preserving numerous paintings by Giuseppe Zacco (XIX century), Antonio Bonaccorsi (1826-1897) and Matteo Desiderato (XVIII-XIX centuries). Very important is also the Church of the Madonna della Lettera, erected in 1710, beholding a marvelous painting of the Madonna con il Bambino, whose date of creation is uncertain. The Palazzo Comunale, built in 1920, is also very interesting to see. Also to see the Mod and Mangano towers, situated in the area of Riposto. The first tower, also called "Turricedda", was built in 1567 and it was intended as a support to the main towers, built near the coastal line. The second tower, built in 1578, was necessary to protect the resident population from the Ottoman pirates raids.

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