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Capo d'Orlando, the ancient Agathirnus, founded as the legend says, in the times of th Trojan war, by Aeolus son himself, after whom it was named, wedges itself into the Tyrrhenian sea, splendid and proud, now as 3000 years ago, and on the extreme cape of its territory stands a suggestive lighthouse, just under the mount where the sanctuary and the remains of Orlando's Castle are clear evidence of its medieval history. A warm and unpolluted sea, reach in little treasures, able to give as presents not only sargoes, bass and "pectines", but also the remains of ancient vestiges.
A sea that embraces and reassures, that let himself be loved like the people of these places, hospitable and cordial who evocates the fascination of the good old times. At present Capo d'Orlando lives in perfect balance between past and present, giving preference to tourist activities and arranging, on certain occasions, some suggestive festivals where folklore is, still, not for tourists use only. Culture, music, sport are always present in the calendar of the tourist festivals of a small town that in effect, promoting art, becoming year after year a meeting point where artists and painters can excange their ideas, holding every year the National Painting Exihibition and various artistic expressions, has become a great and refined container of works of art, with a huge artistic patrimony conserved in the municipal picture gallery, in public offices and in ancient villas.

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