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The history of Milazzo can be dated back to the first human settlements in the neolithic age (4,000 b.C.) but it was with Siculi that the town gained prosperity and wealth fili the end of the VIIth century or the first years of the VI century b.C. when, after the beginning of the expansionist hegemony of the Greek populations of Zancle /the modem Messina), even the inhabited centre of Milazzo was subjected by these populations and then trasformed in a fortified "Polis". Its subjecting to the nearby Messian lasted until 270 b.C. In the Roman period, its waters became theatre of two important naval battles. In fact, 260 b.C. the small town saw the triumph of the Roman fleet, commanded by the consul Caius Duilius, against the Carthaginian one (first Punic War). In 36 b.C., i.e. two centuries later, Milazzo, having become an important naval base of Sextus Pompeius's, war linked to the events of civil war between Sextus Pompeius himself and Octavianus's fleet against Sextus pompeius. Under the Eastern Empire, the small town not only belonged to an im portant defensive triangle, but also became one of the most important Sicilian bishop's seats. After Fadhl Ibn Gifar stormed the town, the Muslim domination begins.

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