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The natural enviroment:
the sea and more

It is certainly the sea - absolutely unspoilt, temperate and tranquil - that, obviously, predominates in the big natural scenario of the Giardini Naxos territory. The evocative seascape, the changing tones: from sky blue to azure, from cobalt to turquoise, depending on whether the bed - which is never very deep- is sand or lava. The sea, always crystalline and surprising, whether it breaks against the low black and jagged coast of the little peninsula, or slips softly in between the white stones, or, with slow and constant motion, gently bathes the golden beaches, or, an intense cobalt blue, goes off the edge of the horizon, or, lastly, reflects the gold and silver of cool sunsets and warm nights.
Set below the first slopes of the Peloritani Mountains, and not far from those of Etna, on the Ionian coast between Messina and Catania in a magnificent scenario of mountains, greenery, sands and sea, the gulf of Giardini Naxos is closed off to the northeast by Cape Taormina and to the south by Cape Schiso, a little lava peninsula formed in prehistoric times from an immense flow of basalt which came out of the central crater of Monte Moio - an adventitious cone on the side of the River of the great volcano - and poured down the Alcantara valley as far as the Ionian Sea. A further splendid stretch of sea - between the cape itself and the mouth of the River Alcantara - delimits on the coast the Giardini Naxos territory: behind it, amid the luxuriant vegetation of the Recanati district, there lies the elegant new area where tourism and dwellings are expanding. In addition to the Cape Schiso lava flow mentioned, other major natural elements are the estuary area and the final stretch of the River Alcantara.
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