Via IV Novembre, 269
98035 - Giardini Naxos (ME)
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Position: historic center, panoramic, on the seaside

Hotel Palladio

The women cuisine between tradition and change, a simple and healthy homemade cuisine.
The food we offer both for breakfast and at the restaurant and bar is very important to us: in our kitchen there is no trace of surrogates, frozen or pre-cooked food, of those industrial compounds which nowadays are unfortunately so common.

Our Lady Cooks, each with our own recipes and those of our mothers and grandmothers, cook everything at home, old style, with the best raw materials produced artigianally in Sicily, preferably organic, exclusively fresh and seasonal.

Our Cuisine is rooted in the territory, inspired by the extraordinary quality of the fish of our sea and the local typical agricultural products.
We cook following and recreating (to make them more fresh and lighter) to the old recipes from the very rich culinary traditions of Sicily, crossed and made up of multiple influences (Greek, Arab, Swabian, Norman, Spanish and French).

Sicily in the fruits of the earth and memory
Old varieties of vegetables and fruits grown on the incomparable soil of Etna, on the plains of Syracuse, in the hills of the Nebrodi or of the Madonie, like the peaches from Mojo, the string beans from Mascali, the pistachio from Bronte, the strawberries from Maletto, the tomatoes and melons from Pachino and the almonds from Noto, and then niche products prepared by local artisans with traditional techniques like the salami Sant'Angelo from Brolo, the sun-dried cherry tomatoes, the marmalade, the chocolate from Modica, the honey of the black bee, the provola cheese from Nebrodi, the ricotta cheese, fresh, salted or baked...

Our dishes
The old and healthy recipes of the varied Sicilian cuisine in the la carte men or in half board men. The simple cooking of the fishermen, the endless variations of vegetarian dishes of the farmer cooking, the cooking of the convents with their skilful use of herbs and fine patisserie, the tasty road cooking with arancini and schiacciate and the sumptuous cooking art of the Sicilian aristocracy.
The wine of Palladio
A sample of the best Sicilian wines: from the Etna wine (where, thanks to the changes in climate it is possible to produce wines with unique characteristics) to the organic legal wine produced in the land of Corleone confiscated by the Government from the Mafia.