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The people of Naxos, like all Sicilian Greeks, were cultivated and refined people but they were also famous for their proverbial hospitality: and the story of the Greeks of Sicily is rich in episodes fully bearing witness to it. The same sense of hospitality has always been a feature of the inhabitants of Giardini Naxos who, in the course of time, have succeeded in making this little seaside village info a capital of accommodation in Sicily: about forty hotels; dozens of restaurants and quaint trattorie, elegant meeting places and rustic ones that remind one of the past traditions of Sicily; public and private sports facilities and amusement parks; typical craft workshops specialising in the production of wrought iron, and antiques shops. This major development of Giardini Naxos has been favoured not only by the beauty of its site and its rich archaeology patrimony, but also by the climate, good all the year round, as weil as its excellent geographical position and the extraordinary ease of rapid connections both with the most important places in Sicily and - thanks to the proximity of Catania airport - with the main European capitals.
On the pages which follow, we give all the information which we believe can satisfy the most varied needs of the tourist who in attentive not only to the beauty of the sea but also to its very ancient history, its natural environment and the many attractions of this little town, roghtly defined one of the capitals of Sicilian tourism.