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Patti was helped by its position, it was a junction between the road Palermo-Messina and the internal road to Randazzo. In 1892 the railway arrived too. Nowadays the town is the middle of a tourist area and from there you can make several excursions to Messina, Catania, Palermo, to Randazzo-Etna, Nicosia-Enna-Catania and to the Aeolian Islands. Among the more important beach localities of its territory we can mention: Tindari (10 km), Marinello, Mongiove, Marina di Patti and Sorrentini.
Thanks to its beauty and its fertility it has been inhabited since very ancient times, at least since. The Bronze Age, this is shown in the underground structures in the suburd Monte. The origin of the current town dates back to the age of the ancient Tyndaris, from where some people migrated, who had survived when their city was destroyed by a strong earthquake. They called their neew town ep Akten, that means on the shore and from that name became Patti. The oldest part, which is medieval, was built on a hill, crowded with narrow lanes and picturesque staircases and culminated on The Castle, the newest part is on the North towards the shore in the plain, and nowadays is linked with the old seaside town.

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