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While driving through the suburbs of Bagheria, you get the feeling that the architects' fantasy conciously freed itself of any thinkable stylistic limits: buildings with bizarre shapes, painted in the strangest of colours rise up side by side with more traditional buildings in yellow tufaceous stone. All of them put together, however, give life to ab incongruous but at the same time picturesque sight. Maybe there's something special in the air, something that once infected also the Prince of Palagonia, one of Bagheria's most famous characters, the instegator of the "mansion of monster" the principle attraction to this town.
Ferdinando Gravina was without any doubt an exceptional character in the elite Palermitan society of the eighteen hundreds. Eventhough Villa Palagonia is the most famous, it certainly is neither the biggest nor the most beautiful of the Villas in Bagheria. It cannot lay claims to being the first either, because this merit goes to the one built by Prince Giuseppe Branciforti, a multi-titled exponent of one of the oldest Sicilian families. Embittered over the unfavourable outcome of a plot which would have placed him on the momentarily empty throne in Sicily, he decided to move his residence out of the city. So he had a small palace with towers built in the heart of a green valley which lay to the east of Palermo, the Bagaria.

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