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20 km east of Palermo, Santa Flavia is dominated by Mount Catalfano, where the ruins of ancient Solunto are still to be seen."After the fall of Troy, some Trojans escaping from the Achaeans reached Sicily by boat and since they settled in a place bordering with the Sicans, they were all called Elimi (Thucydides 6,2,3)". "They lived in the area between Motya and Solunto" (Kahrstedt, Wurzbuegher Jahrb der Albertumswisswnschaft - 2,1 - 47).
"Also the Phoenicians settled here and there throughout Sicily. Later on, when the Greeks came in great numbers, they gathered at Solunto is not the one Thucydides wrote about., but rather the one which Dennys the Senior (396 B.C.) took from the Carthagenians, and after destroying it, hat it rebuilt according to a Hippodomean Pattern like Mileto, Priene and Olinto. At the time of the First Punic War (254 B.C.) the Romans occupied Solunto. Cicero - Quaestor Siciliae - dweelled there (75 - 70 B.C) while he was gathering the prosecution material to write down his Second Trial against Verre ("Actio Secunda in Verrem" - 70 B.C.).
The area was later deforested by the Romans to build their fleet and then utilised for wheat-growing to feed their army. No trace has so far been found in the area between the rivers Eleiterio and Milicia of the dominations that followed (Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians and Angevins) wich were certainly there; as a matter of fact, the area has always been the scene of intense economic activities (sugarcane, olivegroves, citrus fruits, sea-faring and mining).
The extre: Villapeople's hospitability have, since 1700, favoured residential settlements of grat value Villa Filangeri, Villa Valdina, Villa S.Marco, Villa Oliva, Villino Basile (the architect of Palermo's Massimo Theatre and of the National House of Parlament) and account for the more recent appearance of noteworthy tourist facilities.

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