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Documentary evidence indicates that historically, in 1195, Gangi (already located on Mount Marone) belonged to the countship of the Geraci under the rule of the Countess Guerrera, together with the "Regiovanni" fortress which was probably constructed in the Byzantine or Saracen epoch. Subjected to a long and tough siege on the part of the royal troops led by the Count of Geraci, it is told that the little town was razed right down to its foundations and that shortly afterwards the surviving inhabitants rebuilt the new town on mount Marone.
In Gangi, in the Seventeen hundreds, numerous scholarly Academies were established, amongst which that of the Industriosi, and a number of noble townhouses were constructed, including the Palazzo Bongiorno; Palazzo Sgadari and Palazzo Mocciaro, in the Eighteen hundreds, marked the urban layout of the little town, being the expression of the last of the landed nobility.

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