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Palermo, synonym for one of the most prestigious cities of the Mediterranean, as well as being the "capital" city of Sicily rises up in a beautiful bay on the northern coast of the island. The history of Palermo goes back to the VIII-VI centuries B.C., the era of the Phoenecians of Carthage and then took the name of Ziz (flower). As a result of the many civil struggles which broke out over the course of the centuries, Palermo was finally annexed, together with the whole of Sicily, to the Aragonese crown.
During the Second World War, Palermo was fiercely bombed and in the years that followed was made into a completely autonomous municipality. One of the most important traditions for the city of Palermo is the "antico mito delle vampe" ("the ancient myth of the flames"), which occurs at the same time as the festival of S.Giuseppe: all the inhabitants collect up old furniture, tables and all kinds of different things which are then to be burnt altogether in one, large bonfire around which the younger people run, jump and sing praises to S. Giuseppe. This custom stirs up magic because it is closely tied to the cult of the sun, for which in Palermo has an historical origin: the intention with the fire is to chase away damaging influences, hailing the arrival of the spring (because the day coincides with the spring equinox) and wishing the city a new, positive season.
The most interesting monuments which enrich the city's aspect are the majestic Cathedral; the Treasury of the Cathedral which preserves numerous works of art from the 1800's; the Palatina Chapel, characterised by the artefacts in gold and the mosaics which form part of it; the Catacombs of the Capuchins and the Regional Archaeological Museum.

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