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Carlentini is located in the province of Syracuse and is crossed by the San Leonardo river and by the smaller rivers Damiano, Mulinello and Orto Gallo. It contains the built-up area of Pedagaggi and the residential area has developed close to a hillside from which it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking panorama which sweeps from the Plains of Catania to the Etna vulcano. The town has seaside areas at the Agnone Bagni beach and along the Castelluccio coast.
For Carlentini, the Lentini (ex Biviere) Lake is an important spot for tourism; this is a true natural oasis with countless species of flora and fauna. From the historical and artistic point of view, the town has much to offer. Things to see here are: the town's Mother church of the Immacolata, the church of San Sebastiano, the church of the Carmine, the church of Sant'Anna and the church of Santa Maria di Roccadia. Also of interest are the towers of the ancient ring of town walls, the Villa Belvedere, the Casa Museo (House Museum), the War Memorial and the Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall). Not far from the centre is the Leontinoi park, the ancient Greek town, today archaeological site. It's worth remembering that Carlentini is an excellent departure point for excursions to the surrounding tourist localities.

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