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The city was created from dukes of Floridia Flavia Bonaiuto and Lucio Bonanno Colonna in the 1628 and from them derives the city's name. The common one is found in the district of Siracusa. It rises in a low-lying zone and it is rich of interesting monuments in particular from the architectonic point of view; the church Mother, the church of Sant'Anna, the church of the Madonna delle Grazie, called also Garden and church of Carmine.
An other place worthy to be admired is Villa-museum in contrada Cozzu zu Cola in the outskirtses of Floridia without to forget the Cava di Spampinato or Culatrello, natural zone created from the erosion of the torrents. The gastronomy is certainly an element characteristic of the city like the pasta fried siracusana one delights for all the palates accompanied from the famous wine of Floridia known for its alcholich strenght.

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