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The tunny-fishing factory of Portopalo di Capo Passero is a wonderful monument of industrial areheolop which includes the loggia witb the factory for the tunny processing, the big furnace, the butts and salt storehouses, the church from the 17th century. Here the tunnies were brought, butehered and processed to become in the course of time a very important economic resource for the local people.
Here the see-lily, the see-fenns, the yellow asphodel, the milk thistle and the borage grow. The skin-divers and all people fond of sea can find groupers, basses, dentexes, gilthead breams, and other valuable species. You could even happen to see the turtle, that once used to lay eggs on these beaches. Among the birds goldfinches, stonechats, seagulls, linnets and greenfiches can be seen.
Not far from the Portopalo di Capo Passero there is the most important fishing-boat port in East Sicily wich a fish market where everv day a large amount of fresh fish is sold.

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