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Buseto Palizzolo, with its houses and verdant gardens, offers some of the most suggestive landscapes around Trapani. The district extends over gently undulating hills and lies in one of the most favourable positions with respect to the Agro-Ericini area. In fact, Buseto Palizzolo stands amidst some of the most renowned tourist resorts in Sicily: Segesta, Erica, San Vito. The itinerary Segesta-Buseto Palizzolo-Erice includes a stop in the Scoraci Wood.
A quiet oasis - a verdant environment with fresh air, equipped areas for cooking and having fun, it has become a popular destination over recent years. Monte Luziano and Bombolone offer some of the most stunning views in the province: from the glittering salt pans to the entire built-up areas, from the three Egadi Isles arising from the horizon to Monte Erice which stands out on the right.
You can enjoy another extensive stretch of breathtaking panorama on the other side, old buildings scattered here and there each with similar characteristics. They are called Bagli, antique buildings erected in a particular way with a distinct structure.
The Museum of Rural Civilization contains an interesting representation of every day life in a Baglio in the heart of the countryside.
The procession of the Way of the Cross - This procession is one of the most important religious manifestations which takes place during the Holy Week in the Province of Trapani; it is a holy representation composed of impressive floats complete with real people who re-enact the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection of Christ.
Exhibition Market - Something of note is the exhibition of food products and artistic and artisan works of the Buseto Palizzolo area; the presentations and tastings of typical products mean that it is an event not to be missed.

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