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Origins, history, symbolism of the breads

It is difficult to understand the real meaning of "bread" especially today were everyone speaks about trans-genic food, low-calories diets and macrobiotic diets. Some years ago "bread" was the most important element in eating habits of every people: princes, children and common people. In fact for a long time it was considered a sacred element. There are many important religious and folkloristic feast in which bread plays a very important role, the one of St Blaise has to be mentioned.
It is celebrated on 3rd February in one of the most ancient quarter in Salemi named "Rabato". Originally this feast was a heaten propitiatory rite later adapted to the catholic faith. According to the Christian religion. St Blaise is a protector of the throat. His celebration is characterised by two typical shapes of bread: "li cuddureddi" are round leaves of bread representing the throat and according to the devouts they have thaumaturgy virtues: "-li cavadduzzi" recall the grace received in 1542 when the Saint saved the field from a huge locust invasion.
Text by Paolo Cammarata

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