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Women create these shapes. They utilize only water, flour, and their experience. Other sacred bread are "I cucciddati", they are usually prepared on St. Francesco of Paola's feast, the "cudduri prepared on St. Antonio Abate's feast and St. Queen Elizabeth, the "manuzzi di morti" prepared in occasion of the commemoration of the defunct 2nd November. Another important feast is Saint Joseph's feast. It is held on 19th March. During this feast the work and the family are two very impor-tant elements but there is the sublimation of bread that is considered a final compensation after a long year of handwork, it represents the humble work that a man makes for loving of his family. It consists of a banquet offered by devouts to a group of children symbolizing the "Holy Family".
It is represented by three children and in this occasion they can eat very much, but we have to consider the economic condition of the people in that period and it was very difficult to prepare this quantity of food to feed the whole family for many weeks. But Jesus said: "Give poor so you'll be rewarded "in this way, every one hoped that they could receive a great present by Jesus for example a good harvest. The preparation of the courses start eight days before old hand at a job makes the feast and loaves of bread.
Text by Paolo Cammarata