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The Municipality of Terrasini recognized the Capo Rama area as an "Inestimable Biotope" back in 1968 and, as such, the area has been under its protection since then. Besides, in 1991, while the Reserve was yet to be officially set up, the Terrasini "Museo Civico" developed a wildlife pathway that is still in existence. Then, through implementation of the Regional Plan on Sicilian Parks and Reserves, in order to protect an area of remarkable scientific relevance (for its geology, flora, and fauna), emerging from the heavily degraded surrounding area with its Calicotome villosa and Olea europaea L.var.sylvestris scrub, as well as its rock vegetation along the coast, the Capo Rama Oriented Natural Reserve was set up (Decree of the Regional Councillorship of the Environment n.274/44 of 23rd June 2000) and the non-profit organization "WWF Italy" entrusted with its management. The Reserve is now in the list of EU Sites of Importance as reported by the Directives n.92/43 and n.79/409.

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