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Like all coastal areas in Sicily, Capo Rama has remnants testifying to its exploitation by man and his presence there. The biggest artifact, which characterizes the Reserve, is the watch-tower. It has a circular design and a typically 15th century architecture. It was part of a complex watching and signalling system that functioned all along the coast and was mentioned in maps already in the 16th century. Although now partially ruined, its historical and architectural value remains unchanged, and the tower is still most impressive. Not far from the tower, a small bunker dating back to the military set-up of all coastal areas during the 2nd World War silently reminds us of a sad past. The Reserve is in the area covered by the Municipality of Terrasini, some two kilometres West of town. The Managing Body is in charge of the various initiatives held inside the protected area in order to safeguard the natural environment. Several activities are carried out with the aim of promoting scientific research and raising the awareness of the beauties of the Reserve, so as to hint, when necessary, at the emergencies pertaining to its geology, flora, and fauna. The access is free. Groups and classes should book guided tours in advance by contacting the Reserve office. After the excursion, visitors may call at the Terrasini "Museo di Scienze Naturali" that hosts many botanic, zoologic, geologic, and paleontologic collections.