The salt road and the Stagnone

Hotels The salt road and the Stagnone
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As regards fauna too, the salt-pans are particularly important: they are a halting and nesting place for a lot of bird species, some of them very rare - here there have been seen the elegant Anthropoides virgo, an African crane, and the multicoloured common puffin, coming from the northern seas - as well as for wild ducks and glossy ibises, grey herons and black-winged stilts.
Continuing along the provincial highway you come to the little jetties (well signposted) where it is possible to embark on a very particular "cruise" in the Stagnone Lagoon and get to the islet of Motya. The biggest lagoon in Sicily (over 2000 hectares), it extends between the rocky spur of Punta di San Teodoro and Capo Lilibeo, between Marsala and Trapani.
An interesting environment in terms of nature and one whose landscape has an extraordinary impact, the little archipelago is made up of four islands, Motya (or San Pantaleo), Santa Maria, La Scuola and Isola Longa, the latter heing the largest and the one which on the seaward side closes off the lagoon.