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Climate and Geology - Ustica raises itself, very black for its vulcanic cliffs, in the tyrrhenian bottom, 36 miles to north of Palermo, solitary, encircled as it is from an abysmal sea that to north comes down to 3500 m. Defined like the "Pearl of the Mediterranean", constitutes the emerging part of a vulcanic complex that includes also the submarine mount Anchise. Its maximum height catches up the 248 meters. Ustica is particularly well known for its mild climate and excellent diving conditions. Its coasts, variegate and uneven, are full of gorges and caverns. Small beaches (Cala Sidoti, Punta dello Spalmatore, al Faro) succeed lovely rocky bays including one enclosing the piscina naturale (a natural pool popular with bathers) along the west coast of the island. Conversely, the east coast shelters the magnificent caves like Grotta Azzurra, Grotta Verde, and Grotta delle Barche, which are best-explored with mask and snorkel; the Grotta delle Barche can also be reached on foot by a lovely path that threads its way through pines and past tall hedges of prickly pears from Torre di Santa Maria, along the side of the hill providing marvellous views of the sea and the coast. Ustica sea reserve receives to us and it offers its sea to us, it invites to respect it to us and to defend it. Only a thin one wraps has been declared "off-limits", left completely to the sea and its creatures.

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