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Things to do - There are various possibilities both for scuba divers and snorkellers. Those who do not want to get wet can still participate in the underwater world by taking a trip on the motorised glass-bottomed boat (by day or by night) called the Aquario, that carries up to 20 passengers. There are two other reserve centres located at Torre dello Spalmatore (the twin of Torre Santa Maria) - where cenferences and other special delegations are hosted, and at Caletta - from where guided tours to the Grotta Segreta start; the aquarium there reconstitutes 13 different environments corresponding to the various habitats found at different depths.
Guided tours: the west coast, the area designated riserva integrale (most highly restricted), harbours the Secret and the Pink-jued grottoes: Grotta Segreta and the Grotta Rosata, the entrance to which is hidden by rocks whether approaching by land or by sea; its descriptive name effectively sums up the pink marbling of the palest tone to shades of "antique pink" imparted by a distinctive kind of algae. Those who prefer to enjoy the sea from above or from just below the surface, the reserve authorities lay-on commentated sea-watching trips in the riserva integrale: these involve a guide pointing out the specific organisms and fish as they appear (accustomed as they have become to the presence of man, they appear almost tame) became accustomed to the presence of manto get accostumed to everyday routine/fish became accustomed to the presence of man.
Round the island: the standard means of transport available include hired mopeds and a regular minibus service around the island in both directions.