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Gastronomy - Its gastronomy includes all the typical Sicilian dishes: pasta with sardines, the famous caponata (selection of vegetables and other ingredients all fried together), spaghetti with lobster and many other delicacies. In the little sicialian island of Ustica you can find the smallest lentils of Italy. Cultivated on lavic and rich soil of Ustica, lentils are seeded in January picked in the first half of June. The little plants are left in the field to dry, then they are uprooted and collected in bunches in the stables in order to be struck. Until few years ago they used to divide the straw from the lentils trampling on the little plants with big stones dragged by donkeys and then throwing them in the air. Nowadays the old method of picking the lentils has been replaced with a thresher at fixed position that makes the job more comfortable and functional.