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Under Sea - The sea around Ustica is especially clean and pollution-free (lying in the middle of an inward current from the Atlantica Ocean). It therefore provides ideal conditions for multitudes of different species of aquatic flora and fauna to live and proliferate. One striking sight is the vast meadow of poseidonia oceanica, a truly effective seaweed, nicknamed the "lungs of the Mediterranean" (because it oxygenates the water) to be found up to a depth of 40 m. Just below the surface, the water oftern shimmers with passing shoals of white bream, two-banded bream, the dark ray's bream which emerge from their eggs as piercingly blue fry, voracious looking grey mullet, saddled bream, salpas, and the brilliantly coloured rainbow wrass. The patches shaded by some overhanging rock attract groups of cardinal fish; the rock face itself shelters sections of a time with colourful sponges. Little gardens also cower in the shadow of the rocks, but emerge, peeked by curiosity, as anything or anyone approaches. At greater depths lurk the larger fish notably grey mullet. Here the underwater landscape harbours shy moray eels, lobsters, mantis prawns and shrimps (in the caves), sea urchins, sea bream, enormous white bream, splendid red gorgonias and black corals. With a bit of luck, tune, ocean sun-fish, turtles and barracuda might also make a brief appearance on the scene.