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The Marine Reserve - The Sea Natural Reserve has a notable importance both cultural and of lanscape. Designated in 1987 to preserve and protect the huge natural diversity of flora and fauna present in their submarine habitats off Usticas coastline, the Reserve was brought into being in 1987. It is divided into three areas:
- The A Area , integral reserve: it extends in the western part of the isle from Cala Sidoti to Caletta and to 350 metres from the coast. Here it is consented bathing but the ships are forbidden to come and to fish.
- The B Area, general reserve: it surrounds A area and extends from Punta Cavazzi to Punta Omo Morto. Here it is consented bathing, underwater photography and line-fishing and drawing fishing.
- The C Area, partial reserve: it includes the rest of this part of sea and it is consented bathing and professional underwater fishing.