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The most ancient documents on Santa Fiora date back to IX century, but only in 1141 is the Sant Flore Castle mentioned. Santa Fiora became a center of primary importance during the XIII century as the family headquarters of the Aldobrandeschi counts and one of the main Tuscan Ghibelline centers. Starting from the second quarter of the XIV century, the Santa Fiora country, however, witnessed an irreversible process of decadence and territorial disintegration which Dante describes in canto VI of the Purgatory: "and you will see how dark Santafiora is".
When by the XV century the country, territorially reduced and economically exhausted, seemed destined to be incorporated by the territory of the Siena Republic, Cecilia, the last heiress of the Aldobrandeschi family, went in marriage to Bosio Sforza, thus originating the new Amiata Sforza dynasty.

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