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The amazing nature

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When nature amaze you with woods, paths, thermal baths and blooming.
Made by several violent eruptions three-hundred-thousand years ago, the Amiata has kept the peculiar trachytic rocks, the hot springs and the very fertile soil which is typical of any volcanos. Down its slopes, woods and torrents, pasture lands and thermal baths give life to an amazing nature that any kind of people can enjoy.
The heart of Mount Amiata is the wide forest that starts at 1000 meters hight and goes up to the top. Among beeches, chestnuts, fir trees and oaks, you can take wonderful walks or you can ride a horse throughout several kilometers of drawn lanes . You can enjoy picnic on the meadows or you can reach the skyslopers if you go higher. In the past time, the fruits, the wood and the game of the wood provided for local people maintenance. Nowadays during every season the forest offers to the visitors quiet and peace together with a full immersion into nature.
The wide solitary spots allow wolves to survive and in the most impervious valleys many species of birds of prey still nest. In the thick wood, if you are lucky, you can see roe-deer, wild boars, squirrels and you can listen to the rithmical tapping of woodpeckers while in the lush underwood you can find mushrooms, straberries and raspberries. Going down towards the maremman side you find hih and sunny hills where the temperature is milder.
Here you can see the famous olive trees, the vineyards, the pasture lands and the peculiar Mediterranean bush. On the opposite side you can admire the gentle cultivated cols together with rows of cypresses which take you back to the heart of Tuscany.

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