Monte Amiata

A millenarian history

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History lives through monuments and traditions for ever.
The Amiata forest and fertile soil attracts men nowadays as it did in ancient times. Visited by Etruscans, with the Roman Via Cassia and Via Franchigena (run by medioeval pilgrims) running by, the Amiata has been populated by proud and indipendent people ever since.
Today its typical town centres, the isolated monuments, the impressive castles together with the little churches you can find in the middle of the wood; all this appears at your eyes as a peculiar and varied scenery. Anywhere history and art mingle with nature. It has been the medieval time to give the Amiata its present look. Abbadia S. Salvatore, Piancastagnaio and the Arcidosso fortresses, the Roccalbenga "Cassero"and the fortress of Tentennano are there just to remind us that magnificent time. Very interesting are the mines digged in the latest Nineteenth century.
Some of them have been changed into museums. Nowadays you can feel the atmosphere of the old times, not only by looking at the historical monuments, but also visiting the handicraft workshops as well as tasting the typical food of the area and watching the village festivals. The famous Spring Festival is probably the most picturesque one. Celebrating it, people pay their homage to the fertility of the earth. Very interesting are also the fire rites during Christmas time.

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