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At the foot of Mount Labbro, along its north-eastern slope, extends the Mount Amiata Animal Park. Realised in the scope of a program of the requalification of a few thousand hectares, the park represents an innovation with respect to the more traditional types of park. It takes, in fact, its inspiration from the model of the German Wilde Park: it is made up of a series of enclosed areas (on average of about 20 hectares 50 acres - each) where the animals live in near to natural conditions. These areas are crossed by marked pathways from which visitors may not stray, but which permit them to observe without any barriers between themselves and the surrounding nature. The park is specialised in animals of the ungulate type: deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflons and chamois. Occurring there naturally are also foxes, beech-martens, porcupines, hares, hedgehogs, etc.. A total of 121 species of birds have also been registered, 66 of which build their nests within the park area. There is an area which is reserved for the Appenine Wolf, which may be sighted from an observation post. The park is also home to the Asinello Sorcino donkey cross bred with a race particular to the Amiata area (razza amiatina.) The vegetation landscape is composed of large open spaces, pastureland and rocky slopes alternated with woods of broadleaf and conifer trees. The park constitutes an ecological laboratory in which it is possible to carry out both educational and research activities.

The Park may only be visited on foot, and large car parking areas are provided at the entrance. During the visit, it is obligatory for visitors to keep to the marked pathways, and stops are recommended in the specially equipped points provided. It is important to talk only very quietly and to avoid making brisk or sudden movements. This will all facilitate the sighting of the animals and will not disturb the observation activities of other visitors. The animals must not be disturbed in any way, and should be left to maintain their own, natural behaviour. The vegetation and the structures of the Park should not be in any way damaged or interfered with. Any rubbish should be disposed of carefully in the bins provided. Visitors are expected to pay particular attention to avoiding the danger of causing fires, including involuntarily. Pets or other animals are not permitted inside the Park.

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