The clay. The Impruneta quarries yield special clays, schists and marls which, when exposed to atmospheric agents for a certain time, become a paste that is so duefile it can be used to male even the largest and most ornate terra-cotta items.
The blending. The blending process consists of vigorously mixing the wet clay until it becomes a compact amalgamate without any air bubbles that could cause the piece to break while it is being fired. Quadro or square work - Tondo or round work. Differently sized and shaped frames are used to prepare the materials for walls band flooring.
The frame is placed on a flat surface and the blended clay is poured onto it with force, and then it is pressed down band smoothed by band. For decorative items the process is somewhat different. Clay "lucignoli" are made in various lengths, but they are always as thick as the sides of the vase.