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50023 - Impruneta (FI)
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The art of terracotta. Impruneta, a gentle land of vineyards and pine groves between the valleys of the Ema and Greve rivers where the dark outlines of the cypresses and the silver of the olive tress blend into the fields creating a harmonic continuity that is unique in our world. Here, for centuries, making "cotto" is a lifetime practice, a historical memory and the cultural identity of an entire people. From this rich and generous land, that abounds in mari, the people have created the ART OF TERRACOTTA, Fine cotto has to come from the soil of Impruneta, be mixed by hand and fired for a long time.
Cotto and its features. The ancient craft of making terracotta can truly be said to have modeled the landscape and determined the colors of the village and its hamlets. Here is a perfect example of a Tuscan country house, impeccabile in proportions and design, with its essential natural beauty highlighted by the visibile cotto. Cotto and the environment. Cotto let us enjoy the continuing flow of time. In a harmonic relationship of volumes and color, cotto maintains its marvelous features. In fact, thanks to the quality of the clays, after firming cotto is so strong that it can withstand the worst that weather has to offer.