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An ancient center for the production of terracotta pottery
The ancient art of shaping the local clay into man-made products using water and fire was known in the area of Impruneta from medieval times. Certainly two important factors were the extremely favorable nature ot the soil and the nearness to a city of the size of Florence, where brick and tiles were widely used over the centuries as building materials (in particular for the tile roofs of the buildings) and as an ornamental and decorative component.
The bricks and tiles used in the construction of the cupola of the Florence cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, were made to measure with incomparable skill under the personal control of Brunelleschi; but many of the other important buildings in Florence bear the signs of the work of artisans from Impruneta (the domes of the San Lorenzo complex, Palazzo Grifoni in Piazza SS, Annunziata, the banister of Palazzo Corsini and others).

Also in the hospitality sector, Impruneta will be able to satisfy all your requirements, maintaining its tradition and simplicity intact.