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Towards the 17th century the production picture seemed to stabilize itself, both as regards the number of families involved and the overall quality of the production: at this time the first family "companies" began to be founded, and continued from father to son down through the centuries, sometimes even to the present: the Vanni, Soderi, Ricci, Agresti, Lottini, Poggi and Montauti families.
The copious Municipal Archive of lmpruneta is full of documents that mention these craftsmen, often describing them as well-off, if not wealthy (in the top bracket of local income: 01). Technological developments have profoundly transformed the production of terracotta pottery from an artistic handicraft to an industrial object of mass production, however there are still many "kilnsmen" in Impruneta who work according to the old methods and, even within the structure of the large industries, demand room ofr production of special, custom-designed products made to order for their clients.

Also in the hospitality sector, Impruneta will be able to satisfy all your requirements, maintaining its tradition and simplicity intact.