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All this century long, even if Piombino has had a productice development coming from the Etruscan people of Populonia which created the metallurgical town of Baratti, it has never forgotten the marvellous bond with the sea, thanks to its incomparable geographic seaside position surrounding it, on three sides, between rocky coasts and sandy white beaches along 30 km of one of the most appreciated Tyrrhenian coasts.
The modern metallurgy developed mostly for the presence of the sea which allows traffic all over the world and makes the town an important harbour for the connection with the Tuscan isles, Corsica and Sardinia. Naturalists in search of strong emotions can find the correspondent answer in Piombino and its surrounding territory. The headland offers several paths through the lush vegetation until the sea rich in bays and small crystal clear beaches where depths are easily appreciated. All year long a particular mild climate like in all the Mediterranean area is present here and allows to spend pleasant holidays in any season. In each yearly period we can discover a natural marvellous aspect, in spring and autumn when nature offers a world of parfumes and colours and hidden aspects which the summer tourist cannot appreciate.
But Piombino is not only a sea natural land; the city monuments attract the visitor, a characteristic small harbour whose origins dated back to the Maritime Republic of Pisa still preserves a series of fonts (Canali di Marina) used by the ancient boats, interesting visits to churches, palaces and fortresses dated back from 1200 to 1500. North of Piombino we find Populonia and Baratti, two ancient Etruscan centers, southwards the small town of Riotorto whose hilly position dominates a long series of white sandy beaches.