We opened the Locanda dei Poeti bed and breakfast because we wanted to make a completely unique place in Florence. Our focus is on poetry, poetry that can enjoyed throughout your stay.

The first floor has a classic style. It is furnished with period furnishings, handpainted by master decorators, and prints and lithographs by artists like Michelangelo Buonarroti, Filippo Brunelleschi and Francesco Hayez.

Here you can read the poems of the greatest poets over the eras up to the late 20th century, the likes of: Lorenzo De' Medici, Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare, Giovanni Boccaccio, Cecco Angiolieri, and Francesco Petrarca.

The second floor has a modern style, it is decorated with simplicity and great attention to detail. Here you can read poems by the greatest poets of our times: Jacques Prevert, Bertolt Brecht, Pedro Salinas, Nazim Hikmett, Erich Fried, Rasindranath Tagor, Boris Vian and Ennio Flaiano.

The most romantic B&B in Florence completely inspired by Poetry.

The location of our B&B is ideal for those who want to live this city. The B&B has a romantic soul and it's the ideal location for those who arrive in Florence for business or to participate to the events organized at Palazzo dei Congressi or to the events/exhibitions in Fortezza da Basso.