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The oldest historical signs of Borgo a Mozzano date back to the name of Countess Mathilda, the daughter of "Bonifazio Lucchese and Beatrice". But for sure this village like all the others of the Serchio Valley had magnificence of life at the times of the Roman Empire's grandeur not to mention the former historical presence of the Ligurians and the Etruscans. There is also plenty of news on Borgo a Mozzano going back to Longobard and Carolingian times; that is to say dating back to earlier than the year One Thousand.
Later on, even here, there are signs of the magnificence of life of the free cities' times. There is clear evidence through the large amount of laws, statutes, rules. Each single field of community life, from agricultural technique to sheep grazing, from religious life to political cohabitation was involved. Unbelievable is also the number of written laws and rules being the sign of great civilization, of the attachment to the deep feeling of justice and passion for well-structured living together. At Borgo a Mozzano and in the whole territory of the free city there were born artists, men of letters and law but also excellent craftsmen for wood and iron.
The first events of community life from a political, religious and also artistic viewpoint are due to them. And the awareness of a past that was not dull, of a tradition of community life not being negligible at all even today gives rise to the most different aspects of social life.

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