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In 1534 the Elban coasts were sacked by the Saracen pirates of Barbarossa, but little did it matter to two young lovers Lorenzo and Maria.
It was the afternoon of the 14th of July when Lorenzo arrived early on the beach, Maria from the high path searched with her glance for her beloved but noticed a gang of pirates landing from a dinghy.
Helpless she witnessed the furious struggle that ensued. Lorenzo fought with courage and honour but wounded and exhausted was captured by the pirates. Maria ran towards the beach as the boat was leaving and as an agonising body was thrown overboard.
Maria, recognising in that body her beloved Lorenzo jumped into the sea with the last impetus of despair.
The beach of Innamorata ows it's name to this ancient fisherman's tale. Every summer on the evening of the 14th of July Maria's love for Lorenzo is remembered by "the Grandouchy of Innamorata association" with the collaboration of our Villaggio.
At sunset hundreds of torches shine on the beach, the bells of the church announce the torch lit procession. In the mean time in Capoliveri the four village wards Baluardo, Fortezza, Fosso and Torre parade through the narrow streets and alleys headed by the nobles, led by The Count Domingo and his wife Isabel Martorel.

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