The Hotel Galli was born on Elba Island in the beginning of the 1950th as a "trattoria" and guesthouse by Agostino and Maria, both over 60 years old. With the opening of the new road they took the opportunity of a new change and began to welcome the first adventure tourists on the island of Elba.
The change from guesthouse into hotel was done in the 70th and the structure has undergone changes and enlargements, but the spirit of welcoming, the passion of its own work, the love for the place and the local traditions remain still the same, from generation to generation.
The beautiful position, just 300 meters from the sea of Fetovaia, one of the most famous beaches of the island of Elba, and in the heart of the Sunny Coast (Costa del sole), makes of the Hotel Galli the priviledged place for all who love the sea and the mountains.
In kitchen our chef is cooking, using fresh and seasons products, offering homemade pasta, typical soups, fresh meat and fish, mediterranean herbs... all cooked following the tradition and using only tuscan, extra virgine olive oil.