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Porto Longone, today Porto Azzurro, is situated along a deep inlet on the eastern part of the island. It was probably a very important sea-port already in roman times, considering that many wrecks dating from that period have been found near the coast of the village.
In 1603 Spaniards built a strong fortress, Forte San Giacomo (nowadays it's a prison), on the northern part of the bay, after that Medici decided to fortify Portoferraio. The model of the Fortress was taken by Anversa. Along the inlets on the southern part, on the Capoliveri area, in 1670 Forte Focardo was built, as further look-out post of the Bay.
Before the tourism developped, Porto Azzurro has been for centuries a rural and fishing village. Staying in Porto Azzurro is a pleasure which is quite unique thanks in particular to the efficient hospitality sector which offers a range of selected.
Not to be missed for the suggestive landscape and for a Sanctuary dedicated to Jesus Mother, the Monserrato Valley, at a few km from Porto Azzurro. S. Mary's Sanctuary in Monserrato was built in 1606 from Spaniards as a memorial to the S.Mary's Sanctuary of Spain.
Barbarossa and Reale are two beaches north to the Village. Barbarossa Beach owes its name to Turkish Pirate Barbarossa, that in 1534 landed there. From Reale you can easily reach the little Terranera Lake, formed in the site of a former iron- mine. Because of the presence of sulphur and iron oxides, lake water gets various and suggestive colours in contrast with the blu sea-water. In the nearby of the Lake it is possible to find minerals such as Pyrite, Haematite and Limonite.
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