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History - The memories of a rich history which has seen this little island contended by all the great powers. The remains of these past civilizations dot the mediterranean bush of the island and are scattered throughout. The remains of the Roman villas and baths are splendid. On the cliffs, on the hills and in the inlets of the ports are lookout towers, forts, castles and ramparts. Countless churches are scattered throughout the island which tell the story of Christian hermits. There are other buildings which document the Medici culture. Villa dei Mulini and Villa San Martino are testimony to the magnificent and tormented history of Napoleon who lived here in exile.

Culture - An island rich with culture, not just seaside but also the memories and monuments of a millennium of history: Etruscan kilns, Roman villas from the Imperial Age, Romanesque churches, mighty Medieval and Renaissance fortresses, archaeological museums, Napoleonic dwellings, ceramic monuments.

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