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  • Latitude Nord 42 14' 516" - Longitude Est 11 05' 466"
The Giannutri Island, with its half - moon shape, belongs to the borough of Giglio, it covers an area of 260 hectares and it is the most southern Island of the Tuscan Archipelago. Morphologically it is characterized by the presence of three mountains: Capel Rosso, Monte Mario and Poggio del Cannone.
The coast is rocky, indented and interrupted by two beaches: Gala della Spalmatoio at N.E. and Gala Maestra at N.W. The numerous grottos along the coast are very interesting: the most famous is the one of Gala dei Grottoni in the southern point of the Island. The climate is fairly mild in winter, as shown by the numerous tropical plants (Euphorbia, wild palms and orchids) and pleasantly windy in summer.
The Island called Artemisia by the Greeks and Danium by the Romans had an important role in the 3rd and 2nd century b.C. sea traffics, as shown by a few objects in obsidian which is a mineral original of Lipari Islands, Sardinia and Palmarola. During the Roman period, Giannutri belonged to the Enobardi family, they built a magnificent villa, clothed in esteemed marbles, which ruins are Nowadays visible and represent one of the most important attraction of the Island. Since the Carlovingian age, Giannutri with Giglio and Argentario belonged to the three Fountains Abbey nearby Rome. In the XIII century it was an Aldobrandeschi family property and later an Orsini one, until the XV century when it became part of the Presidi state.

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