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Sea beds

Crystal clear water, huge underwater meadows, endless stretches of coral, gently sloping walls of rock, canyons that disappear into the depths: the sea beds of Giglio are certainly amongst the most fascinating in Italy.
On this island, blessed by the sun and softly caressed by the wind which hardy knows bad weather, it is possible to submerse in all months of the year and whatever the condition of the sea, due to the innumerable coves which offer protection from the waves. The fanatics of the undersea world can choose from easy but fascinating immersions (Grottine di Cala Allume) to the more difficult immersions down the vertiginous wall of Punta del Fenaio and Capel Rosso.
One can admire squid, eels, skate, and one often find oneself in the midst of entire shoals of fish.

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