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«Campionati del Mondo di Ciclismo 2013»

Montecatini Terme is one of the European spa capitals. It was founded and developed around its most precious riches, its waters. One of its most striking characteristics is the large green area in the heart of the city. The spa park a real green citadel amid the spas. The main therapy consists of drinking the water and is thus referred to as drink therapy. Other treatments are mud baths, bathing, hydrotherapy jets, physio-kinesitherapy in a thermal pool and rehabilitation therapies. Next to hydroponics, Montecatini Terme waters are also used for beauty treatments and general psycho-physical well-being. Traditionally the spa treatments always went hand in hand with leisure activities and shopping.
In the past, people used to refer to going shopping with the Italian term, while nowadays they seem to prefer English. For this reason, the city's commercial focus has always being geared towards quality and ahead of trends. Moreover, there are many art galleries and antique shops.
Montecatini Terme is considered one of Tuscany's capitals of Liberty Style. Consequently, many public and private buildings were built in this style. Many of the examples of Liberty Style were left by one of the main artists of this period, Galileo Chini. Some of the works of the great master can be found in the town hall, at Tettuccio, at Tamerici. Liberty Style triumphs along Viale Verdi.
There are many sports facilities in Montecatini Terme. An example is the golf course located a few kilometers from the city, near a village called La Pievaccia, nestled among the rolling Montalbano hills. For those who prefer spectator sports, the ideal pastime is to spend an afternoon or an evening at the horse racecourse of Sesana. In addition, there are tennis clubs, public swimming pools, a bocce court and a clay shooting field, which is one of the best in the world.
In addition at Montecatini Terme, there are many trekking and mountain bike trails throughout the city hills. Walking and jogging are also possible in the large spa park, close to the center of the city. The selection of shows, concerts and fashion events is quite varied. Restaurants, bars and shows are also part of the tradition of Montecatini. Guests have their pick: they can choose from local specialties as well as more sophisticated dishes.

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