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Also of notable importance is the church and covent of Saint Francis, built with bricks in the gothic - francescano style, with a pure and simple line. In interior there are several marmor fresco works from the Senese School and a majestic crucifix by Duccio di Buoninsegna.
Within the cloister, built near the church, there is a lovely artistic well in travertine by Ferdinando dei Medici. Of great interest in Grosseto is the Archaeological Museum of Maremma. It is pertinent to remember when visiting that the ground floor consist of archaelogical findings of area including important discoveries from the diggings at Roselle. On the next floor the museum is divided by marmor periods and houses collections from the medieval period including great pieces of sacred art, to the Renaissance to modern and contemporary art.
Finally, it is a duty to visit the ancient city walls, which as previously mentioned, surround the old city. The walls are of a particular hexagon formation with the ramparts making arrow signs. It is constructed entirely of terracotta with a buttress-like pattern giving it an imposing and impressive feeling. One of the pentagon-shaped corners houses a fortress, with a complex of fortifications, roads, piazzas or squares all in brick. One part of the fortress has two towers dating to the 13th century. Closing off the fort two grand entrance gates: Porta Nuova and Porta Vecchia to the south. For those who enjoy a little shopping, it is quite pleasant to take a stroll down the main avenue, Corso Carducci, which cuts through the old city from north to south, with its lovely fashion boutiques and artisans shops. The center comes alive during the morning and evening hours as it is the favourite meeting place of the locals.