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At Principina a Mare, we arrive there in less than ten minutes, going on the "Trappola" road, which takes the name from a thirteenth century tower, from which top we can enjoy wonderful views of the sea and Uccellina Mountains. The road, on one side runs along three loops of the river Ombrone and on the other one runs along fertile fields hardly pulled up from the marsh some time ago. So soon we come to a thick wood: it's the pine-wood of Principina, a wonderful forest of wild and domesticated pine-trees, now centenarian, with a thick underwood. After having reached the holding "La Trappola", if we turn left through a cart-road, we can reach the mounth of the Ombrone river, where the lack of vegetation, the action of the sea and that of the river, suitably joint, build a land in continuous evolution. Farther on, northwards, spreads out the built-up area of Principina, if we can talk of built-up area, because its villas and its hotels are so immersed into the green that we can't almost see them.
Principina a Mare, wonderful vacation spot, for its position, far from the main means of communication and from the big cities, is really a paradise for those who want to spend a period of rest in the tranquillity and in contact with the nature. From the pine-wood, where are hidden the constructions, one enters the beach of fine sand, edged with the wonderful pinewood. A really considerable contrast: from the relaxing shade of the pine-trees to the shining mirror of the sun and of the sea. Not far away from here the plain and the mountains of the Natural Park of Maremma: one can come here by car, on foot or better on the back of a robust Maremman horse. In order to make a beautiful excursion in the park it is advisable to ask the personnel.

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