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Monterotondo Marittimo is a borderland. Its territory marks the point of intersection of three different provinces: Grosseto, Pisa and Livorno. In Monterotondo Marittimo (538 metres above sea level), more than elsewhere, one is aware of yet another boundary, that between surface and underground. The wealth and much of the fascination of this area comes from the bowels of the earth. The emissions of water vapour and gas springing out from the depths provide energy indispensible for the geothermic exploitation so important to the economy. The geothermal plants near the town have acquired, with the passing of time, a character of their own integrated within this splendid natural environment.
The vapours, an economic resource and a source of emotion, have marked the typical landscape of the upper Maremma giving it a character both arid and marvellous... A little beyond the last houses of the town, almost at the top of a steep slope immersed in the splendid chestnut woods, the "biancane" offer a scene of rare beauty: sulphureous vapours and pale stones, like a scene from Dante's "Inferno", prompting strong and unusual emotions.

Parco delle Biancane

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