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The origin of the district like its name Dicomano, is uncertain. Certainly the place, inhabited from prehistoric times, was used, by the Romans, as an important road that took one to Forli. In medieval times the lords of this area where the Counts Guidi and Dicomano, who extended, and turned it into a regular meeting place for the local markets. Passing onto Bardi, which was definitely bought from Florence around the end of the XIV century. In the successive centuries it became always of more major importance as a centre of commerce and enterprise. In our century, Dicomano overcame the tragic event of the earthquake and the disaster of the war, and has known a continued urban and economic development.
The progress of the district is seen amplified along the Via Forlivese, that passes through, and its rich history is still seen today and testified to by the crowded and elegant palaces characterised by continuous and intercommunicating loggia. On the large Piazza della Repubblica you can see the grand facade of the Palazzo delle Scuole, and nearby the elegant palazzi dalle Pozze e della Nave (palaces of the wells and the boats) and Oratorio di Sant'Onofrio, one of the best examples of Tuscan neoclassic. Around the Etruscan archeological area of Frascole is the 15th century Oratorio di Montedomini, situated on the summit of a wood covered hill.

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